Where to buy fake shoes on the Internet

It’s 2023 and fake Nike replicas and copy shoes are thriving in online websites such as DHgate. Aliexpress over the past few years have clamped down on replicas and copy shoes. But still you can find good quality replicas of Nikes on Aliexpress.

What is the difference in price between original Nike shoes and replica Nike’s?

There’s a drastic difference in the cost of original Nike shoes and high quality replica ones. You will have to shell out a couple of hundred dollars on a good pair of Nike running shoes or over $250 for basic Air Jordans. However, if you buy high quality Nike replicas from Fashion Reps Center or AliExpress, you won’t spend more than $80-$100 on a good pair.

Fashion Reps Center is a pretty new addition to the list. It’s got some really popular selling shoes with over 4000 sales. It’s got replicas of basic fake Nike sneakers. It also has VIP links that are good for the advanced replicas. They are known for their fake nike trainers. It’s a Top Brand with a 97.2% positive rating.

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